European Voluntary Service

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) enables young people to develop, over a period that can go to twelve months, voluntary action in a country other than their country of residence. This type of experience fosters solidarity among young people and is a true intercultural learning service. Beyond the benefit for local communities, volunteers learn new skills and languages, and discover other cultures.

Objective: to develop solidarity and promote active citizenship and mutual understanding between young people from across Europe.

During an EVS project, the young people can work in such diverse areas as the arts, culture, youth, sport, social support, cultural heritage, civil and environmental protection, cooperation and local development, among others.

To participate you must have: between 17 and 30 years old, have a sending organization, a host organization, have motivation, enthusiasm, creativity, willingness to learn, curiosity and openness to others. At the end, if your project is approved, just pack up and leave to adventure. Talk to us or go to the European Commission web site and find sending and host organizations: en.cfm

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