Vocational Training

DGERTThe life learning based on principles of formal, non-formal and informal education, as a global training process of the individual, has always been a tool of transformation and change of people to personal, social, cultural and professional level and consequently of the communities. Activar develops training since 2004 and is currently certified by DGERT in 12 areas of training:

  • Training of Teachers / Trainers and Educational Sciences;
  • Personal Development;
  • Marketing and Advertising;
  • Computers in User’s Optics;
  • Children and Youth Support Services;
  • Social Work and Guidance;
  • Tourism and Leisure;
  • Care and Beauty;
  • Audio-visual and Media Production;
  • Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures;
  • People and Property Protection;
  • Health and Safety at Work.

While training centre, Activar provides a set of appropriate actions to various needs and to various target audiences, through the following types: Adult Education and Training (EFA); Certified Modular Training (unemployed); Continuous Training for Active People; Initial and Continuous Training for Trainers; Training for Companies.

For more information, send email to formacao@activar.org.

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