Time Bank

banco de tempoThe Time Bank is a system of organization of solidarity exchanges at the local level that promotes the meeting between supply and demand for services provided by its members, such as small household repairs, English classes, computer classes, company to go to the doctor, help with bureaucratic issues, among many others. It operates as a bank, but it has time – and not euro – as a bargaining coin.


  • Support the family and the reconciliation of work and family life, by offering practical organization solutions of daily life;
  • Strengthening social support networks, decrease loneliness and promote a sense of community and neighbourhood;
  • Promote collaboration between people of different generations and backgrounds;
  • Contribute to building a culture of solidarity and social relations more humane and egalitarian;
  • Value the time and the care of others;
  • Encourage the talents and promote the recognition of capabilities of each person.


  • Exchange time by time: the unity of value and exchange is the hour;
  • All hours have the same value: there are no more valuable service than others;
  • There is an obligation to exchange: all members have to give and take time;
  • The exchange is not direct: the time provided by a member may be rewarded by any other member;
  • The exchange relies on good will and in the logic of “good neighbour” relations: the services provided relate to activities that take place with willingness and, to do them, one cannot require certificates or professional qualifications.

Time Bank Agency – Lousã

Rua Miguel Torga, nº7, loja G
3200 – 159 Lousã

Tel: +351 239 996 116/+351 917 251 974

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