Activar is part of the Conselho Municipal de Educação (City Board of Education) (CME) and it represents the IPSS (Private Institutions of Social Solidarity and Public Utility Institution) of the municipality.

This board is “an instance of coordination and consultation, which aims to promote, at a municipal level, the coordination of education policy, coordinating the intervention, in the education system, of the education players and the interested social partners, analysing and monitoring the operation of that system and proposing the actions considered appropriate for promoting higher standards of efficiency and effectiveness.”

The association was invited to be part of the City Board of Education for the work that has developed in the field of education and training in particular through the coordination of Family Support Animation Activities (supporting families with the activities of promotion for children attending the pre-school level); by performing dual certification adult education and training courses and more; through the development of projects aimed at adults and young people based on a non-formal and informal education.

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