AUTONOMY, because since its creation that the association values ​​the autonomy and independence in ideological terms and in terms of intervention on the ground.

The association Activar is itself the result of a CITIZENSHIP action by a group of people that, having only aimed at PARTICIPATION in the development of their community, started this project. It is vital to encourage, through action, an active approach because each citizen has a role and a responsibility in building a better world, where all feel happy.

The sense of an ETHICAL attitude based on HONESTY and RESPECT for all PEOPLE and institutions are fundamental values ​​always present in the intervention developed.

FREEDOM of action and expression either in the association or in the work within the community is fundamental for a free and transparent work.

GENDER EQUALITY between men and women because we believe that this balance is important for a healthy living.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES through respect for the difference of all people regardless of their personal characteristics, social, economic and cultural conditions.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT because we are concerned with the present as well as with the future generations from an environmental, social, economic and cultural perspective.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION as a way to be attentive to the reality and to respond to community needs.

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